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Tingling Tongue

One of the annoying symptoms of fibromyalgia that your doctor probably didn’t warn you about (that is, if you received any meaningful counseling from him or her) is the effect it has on the sensory receptors on your tongue.  For me, it’s not the heightened sense of sweet, sour, salty, bitter and pungent tastes that… Continue reading Tingling Tongue

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Self-Care is the best form of Healthcare

Self-care comes in many different forms: Eating healthy foods Prioritizing sleep Breath work & meditation Exercising on a regular basis There is a new kid on the self-care block that I am dedicating this post to: The MELT Method is a simple self-treatment technique developed in just the past 15 years by Sue Hitzmann, a exercise physiologists, manual therapist… Continue reading Self-Care is the best form of Healthcare

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Dietary Guidelines for Americans

The latest edition of U.S. dietary guidelines (version 2015-2020) was recently released and the internet is now flooded with critiques. What appears to be a well-intentioned set of recommendations to improve the health of the nation is actually a politically-charged, policy-driven bureaucratic document. When you try to please everybody (ie. meat industry, processed foods makers, RD’s, MD’s, social workers, etc.), you… Continue reading Dietary Guidelines for Americans

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Overcoming Self-Imposed Limitations

This week’s Torah portion covers a part of the Exodus story when the Israelites were enslaved in Egypt. Most people are familiar with the narrative which includes Moses asking Pharaoh to free the Jews and G-d causing the first seven of the ten plagues to harden the heart of Pharaoh.  A lot of weird shit happens: blood fills the Nile,… Continue reading Overcoming Self-Imposed Limitations


Why I Have Not Made Any New Year’s Resolutions

I have not made any resolutions for 2016 but that does not mean that I don’t have goals or aspirations. I just don’t want large & daunting  “HAVE TO’s and SHOULD’s” hanging over my head. Instead, I choose to take one day at a time. When dealing with fibromyalgia, or any chronic disease for that matter,… Continue reading Why I Have Not Made Any New Year’s Resolutions