Why I Have Not Made Any New Year’s Resolutions

I have not made any resolutions for 2016 but that does not mean that I don’t have goals or aspirations. I just don’t want large & daunting  “HAVE TO’s and SHOULD’s” hanging over my head.

Instead, I choose to take one day at a time.

When dealing with fibromyalgia, or any chronic disease for that matter, which involves fluctuations in the degree of pain and other symptoms from day to day (or hour to hour); I think it is best to accept what the present moment brings.  Take advantage of the high times (but don’t over do it) and don’t lose hope during lows.

I am a huge advocate of routine.

Once you establish a set of healthy habits (check out my previous post on My 5 Healthy Habits To Start Your Day), then doing the right thing for your body and mind becomes second nature.  So even when you aren’t feeling so great, you can still muster up enough effort to take care of yourself and your responsibilities.

That’s why I shy away from “resolutions” since they suggest going out of your way to do something different than is normal or natural for you. Instead, you have to set up simple non-negotiable things that you do at a set time every day.  Better yet, piggy back off of something else.  Like every day after you brush your teeth, you take a moment (start with 1 to 2 minutes) afterward to stretch or meditate.

Start small.

Make the first step really easy. Once you have one success under your belt, you’ll be more motivated to do more.  Then when you start to notice the benefits of each new action, you no longer need to remind or force yourself to do it.  The action truly becomes a habit when you  just do it automatically.

So for 2016, I am going to continue my healing journey and simply work on adopting more healthy habits that I enjoy and WANT TO do every day.

For more great tips on building new habits, check out this site.  I also recommend reading THE POWER OF HABIT by Charles Duhigg.


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