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I’m a 40-something woman who is blessed with a loving family, supportive husband and chronic pain of fibromyalgia which reminds me daily that I am alive and well.  Yes, I am healthy and whole.  AND YOU CAN BE TOO.  Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.

“This is not me who is in pain. This is only my body.”

After 2 years laying on the couch feeling depressed and hopeless, I decided that enough was enough.  I was going to stop reacting to the symptoms of fibromyalgia and adopt healthy habits that are proven to reduce the pain, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, and misery BEFORE they interfere with the more important things in life.

You have to take responsibility for your own destiny.

I spent a lot of time searching the internet for a magic bullet that would “cure” me.  Once I accepted the fact that fibromyalgia is a chronic condition and gave up chasing pseudo-scientific promises, my whole outlook on life turned 180 degrees.  I no longer felt like a victim. I decided to take everything I already knew about living healthfully and JUST DO IT, EVERY DAY!  No excuses!  And with the whole-hearted intention to FEEL GOOD.  ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS FOLLOW MY SIMPLE TIPS.

I want to inspire other people living with fibromyalgia, and pain of any sort or cause, to keep their spirits up and enjoy the ride.

Why should you pay any attention to my suggestions? BECAUSE YOU WANT TO FEEL BETTER.  Aside from living with fibromyalgia, I hold a bunch of certifications that make me uniquely qualified to help others:

  • STOTT Pilates certified in Mat, Reformer and Injuries & Special Populations
  • Kripalu Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach
  • 200-hour Body Awakening Yoga certified
  • MELT Method Hand & Foot, Level 1 and MELT for Pilates certified
  • A.A.S. Culinary Arts, Culinary Institute of America
  • M.S. Physics, University of California Los Angeles
  • B.S. Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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